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87% of All Companies Fail

to Fully Execute Their Strategy Every Single Year.


There's Now A Way Yours Never Has To Be One Of Them!

Build Your Sales Team Into a Powerful

Fine-Tuned Revenue-Producing Machine to Be Reckoned With.


Outperform Your Competition

with Promise-Based Management.


The PromisEZ Accountability Scorecard® system will accelerate your sales team's income-producing actions and generate revenue outcomes that at one time seemed impossible to reach.


Clients have experienced increases in annual revenue of 23% to over 1000%, above their budgeted growth. 

(Applicable to any team - not just sales teams)


"Stop Managing Employees. 

Start Managing Promises."

There have literally been thousands of business books written - talking about what it takes to be successful. Every one of them talks about the importance of retention, vision, mission, strategy, first mover advantage, branding and tons more...

Very Little of that will happen without a team that's accountable for results and keeps its promises.

The Numbers Say It All


The percent of companies that come up with a "plan" each year.


The percent of your employees who know the vision of your company.


The percent of companies that


to execute their strategy each year.


The percent of companies that successfully execute their strategy and the club you want to belong to.

Every CEO wants their company to be a Thirteener: one of the only 13 percent of companies that successfully executes their strategy.

PromisEZ will help you achieve Thirteener status.

What Is PromisEZ?

To answer the first question naturally on business leaders minds: PromisEZ is NOT sales training, nor is it another CRM. CRMs are data collection and data delivery systems (when your salespeople actually take the time to keep them up to date). But, they simply keep track of events and conversations - so you and your employees can keep track - of your sales efforts with each individual client. They do not change or impact employee behavior in any way shape or form.


PromisEZ is a behavior-altering system driven by a process within an online system that drives human performance by creating and presenting actionable team feedback that alters both the thinking and the subsequent actions of each member of your team - individually and as a team. The team members of leaders who use promise-based management produce unprecedented results by anyone's standards.

PromisEZ is an interactive, cloud-based Accountability Scorecard® - a powerful SaaS system developed specifically for business leaders and their teams; to accelerate the execution of their strategy and produce results at a seemingly-impossible level.

Most Accountability training or consulting has always been of the talking plus training kind.

That's generally all that's been available up until now.


PromisEZ is based on proven Promise-Based Management business principles - a new human behavior paradigm that is radically improving performance for our business owner client's and their teams.


It fosters massive personal growth, reduced turnover and significantly improves employee performance.






And, depending on compensation plans - great rewards for team members.

  • Authentic Interconnectedness in the Workplace

  • Elevated Impact on Clients

  • ALL Goals Not Just Met BUT Exceeded

  • Explosive Business Growth

What is The PromisEZ Secret?

Most business is conducted through conversations held in meetings. Leaders meet with their staff and staff report in about what's currently happening and then leaders say what they want to see accomplished. The nature of most staff meetings is to focus on what's not working and what needs to be fixed. That's where staff meetings spend most of their time - trying to fix things ostensibly so the business will grow. This same pattern of business is repeated every day the world over. It is likely very familiar to you as it is to us.


Everyone nods their heads in unison and agrees - "yes, we need to do that, and we will". Then the meeting is adjourned, everyone goes back to work, and what do you think happens next? In 90% or more of all businesses (per studies) the agreement to do something doesn't guarantee anything and what everyone thought everyone was agreeing to do, doesn't get done. The result is that 87% of companies fail to execute their strategy  (again, per studies).


The secret to PromisEZ is how the Accountability Scorecard® makes sure that nothing that needs to happen; everything that contributes to the growth of your business, will not ever disappear or 'go out of existence'. What people say they will do, they do - it all gets done. This is not an alignment system - and yet, everyone is fully aligned. It's not a communication system - and yet the quality and quantity of communication rise. It's not a project management system - yet all your key projects get done when they need to be done and not a day later. Keeping promises to take action gets measured and people see the impact of their full contribution to the overall performance of the team right in front of them. It's the science and technology of Promise-Based Management - in action.


PromisEZ changes employee behavior by eliminating the status quo - or common habits that contribute to failure, and in its place establishes a safe, relational value system as the core feature of the team (and your company). You may think it's magic - and, it is magical to see - but really it's simply how to manage your company so you grow faster than you ever thought was possible before. PromisEZ is simply, elegantly and professionally designed to easily integrate into the culture of your company. Emphasis on 'simple'.

We've Totally Reinvented Accountability
For You and Your Entire Team
Join other business owners whose employees are already transforming, and expanding their capacity to execute strategy within their companies, and are now accountable for driving what at one time was a seemingly-impossible outcome.


How Did We Get Here?

For over two decades - we have been delivering promise-based management solutions to business clients. We've helped business leaders and their teams restore the integrity of their organizations to fully accomplish what they say they are committed to achieving. Our clients and their employees actually do what they say they will do. 


We are known for bringing our new promise-based core business model into the workplace that is guaranteed to build legendary teams to achieve seemingly-impossible strategies they declare and commit to. And, do it inside a relational value system that makes employees the most valuable asset in the system.


Businesses using our Promise-Based Management online technology experience proven, significant and meaningful improvements in growth. Whatever your objectives are for your business we are committed to radically and collaboratively co-create your accountability funnel to use in our Accountability Scorecard® system to impact your team’s performance every day, every week, and every month.


When using our technology, we promise you and your team will fully

execute your current strategy and more.


We're Committed To Changing The Game of Business in Your Company - Forever.

How Accountable Is Your Team?

Complete our Short

'Accountability Assessment' 

What Have Our Clients Said?

First, and very importantly, the online scorecard system supports me, as CEO, in communicating with absolute clarity my expectations. A 'conversation for action' then takes place, and the system keeps the conversation in existence by publishing, online, the agreed-upon promises, objectives, and timelines—and how they are all being fulfilled and met on an ongoing basis. It's simple, powerful and extraordinary in its impact.

Nigel Worme, CEO/Managing Director, COT Holdings Limited,

"The impact the PromisEZ™ Accountability Scorecard® has had on our business is first giving us a way to see our business in terms of how well we are making a difference with the people we most want to impact - our clients.


Without PromisEZ™ we hadn't been able see where the holes were in our business-generating activities. We now have a clear perspective of what is happening and we are more effective at making the needed shifts in our performance every week."

Steve Blexrud, Managing Partner, Generation Group,

We've been using the PromisEZ™ Accountability Scorecard® for over a year now to guide each Monday morning sales meeting. It has driven our sales performance to a level we'de been working toward for a long time - a level we weren't certain we would see. Our salespeople are happier because they're making more money and I was able to pay everyone a bonus this year. A real win-win for us and PromisEZ ™.

Dennis Werneke, President, American Chemical,

Download and Read The Case Study:

In 5 months -  this team Increased Revenues 60%

Download Here

Let Us Put PromisEZ To Work For You 



Promise-Based Management

and the PromisEZ Accountability Scorecard®


Since well before 1995, in our former businesses and later with our clients, we began testing a powerful, but not yet well-known business management model known as 'Promise-Based Management'.


'Promise-Based Management' (back then referred to as 'commitment-based management') has never really been a secret. So, go ahead and Google it - it's not everywhere but we think you'll agree it needs to be.


We credit much of our work with our own companies, to the ground-breaking work of Dr. Fernando Flores, Ph.D., who since the 1980s has been a leader in language-based management technology. That was at a time we were just getting our feet wet in the telecom and software industries.


We studied Flores' work closely and applied it to our own efforts to build and manage two growing businesses. That was before we sold them both in 2001. We owe much of our success to following the Flores model of commitment-based management then.


Over the years we have introduced Dr. Flores work to our clients and in the last decade, we began experimenting with different methods of implementing this important technology with clients - including an early online promise-management system in 2008 that, because of online technology at the time didn’t really support our early vision. That has completely changed with the advent of the cloud and the online SaaS platform. 


Until now, 'Promise-Based Management' was a powerful way to lead and work, in concept, but a difficult model to deliver without the right tools.


With PromisEZ all that changes.


Successful development, and then extensive beta field testing of the PromisEZ  Accountability Scorecard®, has proven t ous we are able to deliver a very easy to understand, and simple to implement and use, online system that helps leaders drive positive employee behavior and eliminate business owner’s sleepless nights; worrying whether employees will ever do what they said they would when you hired them.


We think of it as 'The New CEO Freedom'. The freedom to work on your business instead of always working in it - micromanaging employees. And while your employees are blowing the doors off their performance, we're here to help you handle the explosive growth.


Our company goal is to help leaders, like you, become much more effective at making 'requests for action' to your employees and then lead the charge for bold action, without alienating them.


At the same time, we want to help you to help your employees become more highly engaged – more effective performing in the way needed by you to execute your strategy. And importantly, to create a safe place to work where your employees feel delighted about their contribution to the growth of what they begin to feel is 'their' company, too.


As the name implies, it’s never about making and enforcing rules - that's the old command and control model that you know no longer works well —now it’s about making, keeping, and measuring promises to take action.


That means inspiring your employees to become self-motivated and ultimately self-managed as a team.


We've successfully taught promise-based management to myriad business owners, and now we’ve reinvented the way business leaders like you create accountability so you can improve performance and make it a daily habit for your team (with you). 


We’ve taken employee accountability (for taking the right actions) to a new level by inventing and launching The Accelerated Accountability Framework™ 


The Accelerated program teaches leaders and teams how to use the principles and practices of this innovative and revolutionary accountability process and system to drive employee actions, achieve your vision and do it within an economic model that is fully relational. Not transactional.


The Accountability Scorecard® is a new structure for team accountability, which in most companies is either disconnected from their vision or just totally missing.


When companies use the PromisEZ™ Accountability Scorecard® here's what we have seen happen:

  1. Employees do what they said they would do—every time, on time, because they own the mission and they have a stake in its success.

  2. Accountability for promised results soar. There's immediate transparency where everyone knows what everyone else is doing to pull their weight and contribute to the agreed upon desired outcomes. 

  3. For the first time, employees really see their individual impact on the overall team's success and act accordingly to make it happen consistently.

  4. Employees feel they have a voice in helping set the direction of the organization because someone, in authority, is listening to them and what they're struggling with - which the system makes apparent. It feels like their company, too, and they take ownership and responsibility for the desired results.

  5. Customers undoubtedly notice the difference in your employees and you may hear how much your company means to the success of their companies—because employees are keeping their promises to these external clients, too.

  6.  Leadership spends more time on the things that really matter—and less time on micromanaging employees or 'breathing down their necks' to get the work out. 

  7. Employees take on becoming self-motivated and self-managed as a team.


Most important is when you start using the PromisEZ Accountability Scorecard®, to drive strategic action, you will become the leader you have always wanted to be and the 'boss' your employees have always wanted to work for. And that, we promise, will make your company literally unstoppable.


It really only takes less than 10 minutes to learn how an Accountability Scorecard® can help you, your employees, and your company. With the Accountability Scorecard®, we can support you in having anything you're willing to stand for having in your company - right now. See the Scorecard in action! Contact Us For a Private Showing: HERE 



Hi, I'm Dan Prosser.  I'm the founder and inventor of the PromisEZ  Accountability Scorecard®.


Officially I'm the CEO of Conversint, LLC. I pride myself in being a proven, seasoned mentor who works with business leaders (most often CEOs), introducing them to exclusive, essential, and often radially unique promise-based management practices that reposition organizations to achieve explosive growth. 


For nearly 50 years, I've been a CEO and entrepreneur and a first mover pioneer launching and selling 3 innovative businesses, and inventing breakthrough enterprise solutions. I've experienced and had to solve many (maybe all) of the same problems you and all my clients deal with every single day: How to get our businesses to produce seemingly-impossible results through other people. 


I'm the author of a successful award-winning book, 'THIRTEENERS: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy - and How Yours Can Be One of Them'


But none of this is what I'm guessing you're really looking for. What you probably really want to know is 'does this guy keep his word'?


Is This Guy Really Worth My Time And Attention? Should I trust him with what he proposes to help me with, or is he full of it?


I don't know...see what you think...


Dan Prosser - Global Accountability Leadership Expert and CEO Mentor

Here's why (at least for some people) the answer will be NO:


Many Leaders Won't Commit.

Unfortunately, we can't work with everyone. Everyone wants more, better, faster results. But the people we work with must commit to adding a substantial increase to their revenue over the 12-month period we agree to initially work together. It's our requirement that you be willing to commit, in writing, to working toward expanding your top-line revenue a minimum of $500,000 over a 12 month period (that's a minimal requirement). Not everyone is up to playing that grand of a game or willing to challenge their team to produce results at that level, and that's ok. But if our clients, who didn't believe they could do it, can do it, we think you can too. Anything below half a mil on your top line is a deal breaker for us. Sorry.



Many Leaders Don't Want To Change.

We can't make the employees in your company change, transform, engage, or anything that you aren’t willing to do yourself, FIRST. You're the model of the behavior we are working with, in your company. That's not a bad thing. 


Many business owners I've met are intent on bringing important change to their company. They think it's the answer they're looking for and they know something has to change because they aren't getting the results they wanted. But they see change as something their employees need, not them.


Meaningful change doesn't start with employees. It starts with the leaders. You always go first. You need to be willing to see your business from a new perspective and you need to be willing to see your employees as access to new possibilities. Accountability isn't just for your team members. You're on the team, too. If you don't keep your word or you don't want to make promises to your team, to make changes, I beg you not to waste your time going through the motions of bringing something new like PromisEZ to your team that you think is just going to make them work harder. Smarter - yes. Harder - wait until you hear what they have to say about that. 



Many CEOs Are Not Equipped To Have The 'Conversation' You Need to Have.

There are no magical powers that will make your employees do the right things – the things you want them to do.


The good news is there's a language that successful business leaders can learn and use, to engage employees.


The 'conversation for action' in accountability involves challenge and it involves a commitment from you to ask people to do things you and they, together, identify as being critical to the business – and they have to agree to do it without any pressure (from you). Leaders universal inability to 'request employees do something specific' is a weakness in business in general all around the world. Because here's the rub - you can’t force anyone, even employees, to do anything they don't want to do (even under threat of loss). If your gig is to 'ride herd', manipulate, or try and control people’s behavior then you are going to have a rather bumpy ride trying to grow this beast.


Building an accountable culture is one of the simplest things in business to do but it won't be the easiest thing for you to take on because it requires learning a new way of working with people instead of using even the most modified or softened command and control methods. As you know, some people resist. If you happen to be one of those, my recommendation is not to waste your time trying to put a round peg in our square hole. It will be very, very unnecessarily uncomfortable.



Too Many Leaders Are Looking For ‘The Easy Way’

If you find yourself in this category, please understand I can probably help you – but I'll be straight - I really won’t want to.




Because when I hear someone wanting the easy way it means, in my experience, he or she isn't going to bring the necessary rigor to make accountability work for them or their team. PromisEZ is a system and a system has to be followed and used the way it was designed, to get the results you signed up for. 


It takes a solid commitment to do the work required to build a company capable of achieving 3-10 times the volume of business you’re doing right now. And with PromisEZ that's a very real possibility.


Plus, if you want the easy way you won't have the patience to stick it out with the program while your employees bumble through, make their mistakes, change their habits, and create the openings for you to coach and mentor them in gaining the skills for greater performance that only you can help them with.


You're Still Here? Good.

Because, here's what you can expect from me and my team. We'll step up and make the first promise - this is what we're committed to:


  • High-level actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your business right now to improve employee morale and performance. An approach you will love and when you see it work you will never want to abandon it.

  • A technology solution that will give you a competitive edge and take you from where you are today to where you're most committed to be. We don't have an opinion about where you should want to go. If you can dream it we can help you build it. We've built a lot of companies for ourselves and others, and we're committed to helping you get yours where you want it to be. 

  • Blatant sales pitches for new products and services that will prove to make you successful, wealthy or both.


OK, Yes - blatant sales pitch's for cutting edge solutions you want to know about and will help you build your company. Clients who have listened to us have become multi-millionaires, been listed on the Inc. 500/5000, named a  'Best Places To Work' company, and been honored on the Fastest Growing Companies List. Places you want to be.


And finally, I'm committed to be your partner and be available to help you solve any issue standing in the way of your business growth and the growth of your team(s).


The Cutting-Edge Business Model

For Flawless Strategy Execution